Image by Arno Niesner from Pixabay

Working Whiskers

Adopt a Barn Cat 

Our Working Whiskers Program was established to help find homes for cats who would otherwise be unadoptable.  These particular cats in this program are typically unsuitable for being indoor pets for a variety of reasons.  These reasons may include being shy or fearful of people, preferring the company of other animals or livestock with a history of living outdoors.  Some of the cats may be friendly and have varying degrees of social temperament towards people but thrive with a life in the outdoors.  In any case, these wonderful felines will make great mousers.

Our Working Whiskers are provided with everything they need to flourish, including:

  •  Initial Vaccinations
  •  Spay or Neuter
  •  Microchipped 
  •  Evaluated to be a perfect match


In turn, we ask that you provide:

  • Safe and warm shelter in a barn, stable, outbuilding or warehouse
  • Daily food and water
  • Veterinary care when needed
  • A forever home!


If you are interested in a Working Whiskers cat, please fill out the form below. We will work to find the perfect match for your needs!