Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel

Everyone Needs a Guardian Angel

Image by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay

Our Guardian Angel Program provides TLC and medical care to animals in need of life saving medical procedures.   Our program is a last resort for animals who were abandoned or surrendered due to being sick, neglected, abused and/or injured instead of being put to sleep.  These special cases need extensive veterinary care, surgery, hospitalization or boarding which can cost upwards to thousands of dollars to save their lives and restore them to good health.  The recovering animals are placed in foster homes where they blossom and thrive until they are ready for a loving, forever home.   

Mia. ACL Knee Surgery.
Give to help save these precious souls

The Guardian Angel Program was created to help provide Emergency Funds to our rescued animals with important medical care; such as, medical care, surgeries, and dental care.   Your generous gift will help to save these special animals and provide them with a long, wonderful life.  Thank you for your kindness.

Tony (Terrier Mix)


Posted: October 19, 2019

Tony is a sweet, loving terrier-mix puppy who was brought to us after being bitten by another dog.  The bite has infected the bone and it tragically requires the front, right leg to be amputated.  Even though this wound has to be terribly painful, Tony is adorably sweet and loves to be snuggled with.  He thinks he is a lap dog and will give you the cutest puppy dog eyes until he is curled up in your lap.  Once he is healed, gets all his required shots and neutered, he will be ready to be adopted.  


We appreciate and greatly need donations to pay for all his vet care, which cost us over $1,000.


Vet Care: $1,000+

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Thank you for your Donation!

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KitKat (Long-haired Tuxedo)

Adoptable Cat. KitKat.

Posted: October 15, 2019

KitKat is a beautiful, male long-haired tuxedo kitten with black and white markings.  Poor KitKat was discovered with a large mass in his abdomen during a routine vet checkup.  He is currently undergoing treatments to reduce the mass and so far it has been working.  Once he gets a clear bill of health and has received all the required vaccinations, KitKat will be ready to find his forever home.


We greatly appreciate your kind donations to help us with his $550 plus vet bills so far!


Vet Care: $550+

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Thank you for your donation!
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Five reasons you should sponsor a cat or dog:

  1. Sponsoring a pets helps them get the treatment they need instead of being euthanized at a high kill facility because they are sick or injured. 

  2. Did you know that an animal with a positive test for Heartworm can be treated.  The treatment costs are expensive ranging around $300 per animal.  Please, help to give these animals a second chance. 

  3. Pets do not have a voice.  They may have been treated unfairly and wasn’t able to stand up themselves against their abusers.  You can be their voice!

  4. You dream of having a pet but your situation doesn’t allow you to adopt or even foster.  Sponsoring a pet can be just as rewarding because you know you are helping to change their lives for the better.

  5. You care about these animals just as much as we do!

Sponsor FAQ

Why Sponsor?

We all know we cannot adopt every animal that pulls on our heartstrings, but we can still make a profound difference for an animal in need.  Our Guardian Angel program allows you to make a tax-deductible donation that will support one of our special foster pets!  Many of our rescued dogs and cats have veterinary expenses that exceed the amount of their adoption fees. Your contribution will assist in offsetting these costs and ensure that we can continue to save more animals going forward!  Sponsorship directly supports the particular pet of your choosing which means your contribution will not be allocated to other program funds.

What do you get out of sponsoring?

Even though you’re not adopting, you still receive the joy of knowing you helped provide care for the animal(s) you choose to sponsor.  Because of generous people like you, Citizens Animal Rescue and Adoption continues to save animals that may otherwise be euthanized, neglected, or abused. Upon your request, we are happy to send you any updates we receive on the animals you sponsor so you can learn about your impact firsthand!

Ways to sponsor?

As a Guardian Angel, you can establish reoccurring donations that will help different rescue animals throughout the year, or you can make a one-time contribution. Once you’ve decided you want to sponsor one of the pets above, just click on the donation button of your choice.  Once the donation page opens, you will be able to choose the amount of your sponsorship for a one time payment or for reoccurring payments.