Community Outreach Programs

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The Volunteers at C.A.R.A. are working hard to make a difference in Vermilion County and their communities through public education and services that are helping to save the lives of animals but also to improve awareness and outreach in the community.  We believe that education and the bond between animals and humans are important to understanding how to have healthy, pet-friendly communities and happy, healthy pet-friendly homes. 

Our ultimate goal is to give pet owners the tools and resources to care for and keep their pets in their homes.  We offer affordable veterinary services, pet owner resources, and community outreach programs year round.

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Fundraising Events

C.A.R.A. is involved in different types of fundraising events throughout our community and through online events to provide our supporters different ways to engage and support our mission to help save the lives of animals.  We partner with various types of organizations including restaurants, retailers, community centers, and more for diversity in public interests and availability for the whole family to enjoy.

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Educational Presentations

We believe that learning the benefits and joys of pet ownership can never start too early.   Through comprehensive studies, we have learned that there is a strong relationship between a child’s awareness of the proper way to treat animals and that child’s ability to react and promote humane actions towards animals and also to their community in whole.   We encourage teachers, group leaders and any child learning program to learn more about C.A.R.A.’s mission to promote healthy and responsible disciplines of pet ownership.   To learn more about our available programs or receive updates on future educational events in the community, please email us at


Off-Site Adoption Events

Our main mission is to help our animals find loving, forever homes through various types of adoption events in our community.   We regularly work with a number of community partners including PetSmart, Pet Supply Plus and others to promote our available adoptable pets.   We keep our calendars updated and look forward to providing the means for future pet owners to meet their future pets.  


Outreach Programs and Events

Through our community events, C.A.R.A. is working to provide a greater awareness for our mission and our available outreach programs for pet owners and future pet owners.  Our outreach efforts are crucial in providing community awareness for the issues of animal overpopulation in the United States but more importantly in our communities.  We are hoping to promote our vision for creating a better understanding of humane practices and empathy, compassion for all animals in order to save lives of animals in the Vermilion County and surrounding areas of Illinois and along the Indiana Stateline.