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Your monetary donation is greatly appreciated! Our easy access portals make donating as simple as giving a dog a bone.
We made donating food, pet supplies and everyday items even easier when using our Amazon Wishlist.
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If you have hand-me-down pet items or prefer not to donate items online, we accept drop off items at our shelter location.
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Do you want to donate but just don’t have the time with your busy schedule? RoundUp makes it a walk in the park to donate by “rounding up” your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar. Just sign-up and RoundUp takes care of the rest.
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Want to learn about other ways you can donate to help save lives?  Visit our Ways to Donate page by clicking on the button below.  All donations are VERY much appreciated!

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Vaccinating your dog or cat is easy, inexpensive and can save your pet’s life.  Our Vaccine Clinic is available the 2nd Saturday of every month by appointment only.  Our low-cost program is a reliable and affordable resource for keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date.